Pokémon GO controller hack android 2021 [No-Root/No GPS]

Pokémon GO is one of the most popular AR games. It is beautifully built and has amazing features like Raids, Gyms fights, Pokémon GO leagues. But to get leveled up, you have to walk a lot, which is obviously good for your health. But some don’t want to walk or they want to have an advantage over other players. So for those hackers, I have brought a Pokémon GO controller hack.

Like my other amazing articles, I always try to provide the optimal solutions and easy to handle approaches, just like this one. For this amazing trick, you don’t have to do anything that you will find on the Internet like downloading GPS apps or changing the google play services versions. So enough of the chit chat and let’s dive into this!

Is there a way to playPokémon GO without walking?

Yes, definitely there is. But playing without walking just takes out all the fun from the game. Just follow the steps below and you can easily playPokémon GO without walking. Also, there are other amazing features like Teleport, Enhanced Throw, Tap to walk, IV feed, Nearby Radar. Follow the steps below and you will have Pokémon go controller hack without root.

Pokémon GO joystick APK 2021

In order to playPokémon GO with joystick without root, you will have to download this application called PgSharp. Basically, PgSharp is a modified version ofPokémon GO with all the hacks included in it.

Latest version1.40.1
Size~211.47 MB
Updated OnDecember 22, 2021
Download LinkOfficial Website

How to move inPokémon GO without walking?

  1. Open Pokémon GO game and go to settings.
  2. Inside Account section. Link your account to Facebook. (Important)
  3. Uninstall the Pokémon GO application.
  4. Download and install PgSharp android application from their official website.
  5. After installing this application, you can find it as Pokémon GO, open it.
  6. Now enter your Date of Birth and then select Returning Player.
  7. Now use your favourite method of Authentication. (Google sign in is not working)

How to add Controller in Pokémon GO?

  1. Open Pokémon GO application.
  2. On the screen you will see a floating star. Tap on it.
  3. Now tap on settings.
    Pokémon go controller hack pgsharp
  4. It will open a screen, find tap to walk and enable it.
  5. Find Joystick and enable it too. (It might be enabled already)
  6. You can also enable Inventory IV and Encounter IV to find the IV of a Pokémon.
    joystick for pokemon go 2021
  7. Tap on Done at top left corner.
  8. Voila!! Now you have a controller for Pokémon Go.

Conclusion for Pokémon Go controller hack

This is a trusted application and I have been using it for a quite long time. The Fake GPS Location app needs a lot of extra work and I find this method easy and working. But if your device is rooted you can use other methods. But this Pokémon go mod application has a lot of features than just a joystick, for example, it has an IV feature that tells how strong a Pokémon is, it has a teleport feature, it is a nearby radar, and much more.

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