How to auto copy files from USB to computer?

Hello everyone! So as you know from the title itself that we are going to auto copy files from USB to computer and that is pretty easy to do. This Pendrive trick will help you to copy or steal data from USB to your PC.

Let’s say your friend has brought a pretty cool game or movie in a Pendrive or USB Drive, but won’t let you copy the files. If you are using AutoUSBCheck you will be able to copy or steal data from your friend’s Pendrive just by inserting it into your Computer without even opening it. A cool trick isn’t it?

So let’s hop on for further knowledge and you can also say you know USB spy copy files and prank your friends by saying you are a hacker :p.

Auto copy usb files silently without notifications

So what’s the actual process that we are talking about? Normally when we use a USB stick to transfer files to any PC or laptop, we need to follow a complete process. We need to drag and drop or click on each file and copy it. Now in today’s article, I will teach you a fun way to do it. We will use a software called AutoUSBCheck. AutoUSBCheck will automatically copy the files from USB to your computer whenever you insert the Pendrive.

Steps to auto copy files from USB to computer

Follow the steps below to auto copy files from Pendrive to windows computer. This is a very easy method and you don’t need to do any fancy Command-line coding for this.

  • At first you need to download the software for Windows Operating-system from here.
  • After you downloaded the file you need to open it by double clicking on that software.
  • It will ask you for permission for the futher process and click on the agree and continue.
  • Select the location where you want to keep the software.
  • Now click on the install button.
  • Then go to your C drive and there in programfiles(x86) search AutoUSBcheck.
  • Now it will open up and show a free version of it since it is completely free.
  • Now take your USB and connect to PC, you will see that the files got auto copy files from USB to computer in a boom.


Since we are using the free version of the AutoUSBcheck to transfer files. So at times, you might face a glitch or issues while creating an auto file transfer USB drive. Therefore I am suggesting all of you make use of this amazing trick in a boon way, without hurting anyone in any way. Just use it for fun. Whenever you want to copy files or so, you need to open and start the program to start the task. Now after using this Pendrive trick whenever your friend will insert his Pendrive on your PC it will automatically steal all their data.

You can use the paid version of the AutoUSBcheck for the further process if you like the program.

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Since we have come across a beautiful process to auto copy files from USB to computer. So now let’s not use it for anything that might cause problems to others. This is just for educational purposes and just to save some of the precious time and thereby make things work out for us easily.

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