How to get Grammarly premium for free?

Hello friends how are you all? hope you all are doing great. So we are back again and this time we are back with the most interesting topic and that is Grammarly premium for free. Isn’t it interesting so let’s start it without getting delayed?

Most of you guys must be having an urge to write something or must be dealing with your projects but you need something where you can write anything without getting any hindrances or without getting disturbed about the punctuation or grammar, not to worry as I would be the complete details on how to get Grammarly premium for free as a student.

Steps to get grammarly for students:-

Here are the complete steps for Grammarly premium so follow the steps just like I do.

  • First download the grammarly software in your pc.
  • Do not login anything over there leave it as it.
  • Now open chrome web store.
  • Search for cookie editor in the search panel.
  • Install cookie editor in your chrome and add to your browser.
  • Now here comes the main thing, visit Infokik.
  • On the right hand side click on the get grammarly premium account free cookies and with the month written against it.
    Grammarly premium for free
  • Scroll down untill and unless you find this option to view cookies.
  • Search for the last updates time along with the cookies date.
    how to get Grammarly premium for free as a student
  • Now it will ask to download the cookies for that.
  • Don’t worry guys you can choose any of the cookies from the above link.
  • As you see here after you download the cookies it looks like this.
  • Now you need to copy the complete code from top to the bottom.
  • Open the grammarly website.
  • The installed cookie editor would be showing at the top bar of your browser.
    Steps to get grammarly for students:-
  • Here click on the import button.
  • Paste the code that you had copied earlier from the website.
  • Now click on enter.
  • It will look like this.
  • Now open the grammarly app and click on the sign in and it will take you to the browser and there you will see it will say continue to grammarly and click on that.
  • Guess what now Boom you have your own Grammarly business for free.
    Grammarly premium for free
  • Here comes the main thing after you have done this steps do not log out from that grammarly app.
  • It might end after one or two weeks so for now you need to do the above process again.

Why do we need grammarly?

As it is the ultimate platform where one can get the complete solution for writing as one can check for plagiarism with the features of the Grammarly plagiarism and it can also check for punctuation and for grammar with the feature of Grammar checker.

Therefore each and every individual person belonging to any department needs it for sure and can make use of it to the fullest. Not only English it can translate to any language and this is only possible if you are using a premium account of it.


Now you guys might have known how to get your own Grammarly premium for free so make use of the Grammarly writer and raise out the writer in you and show out your talent without getting through any hurdles as you can also use Grammarly online as well in any website as you are going through any writing stuff.

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